Features of AOF

  • Features of Ace of Space Planetarium:

Immersive Planetarium Shows: Prepare to be awe-struck by our immersive planetarium shows, where cutting-edge technology will transport you to distant galaxies and unravel the mysteries of the universe like never before.


Advanced Sky Mapping: Experience real-time, high-precision sky mapping with advanced telescopic data, allowing you to explore celestial wonders in exquisite detail and accuracy.


Astronomy Masterclasses: Engage in captivating masterclasses led by esteemed astronomers and astrophysicists, delving into complex cosmic phenomena and celestial mechanics.


Research Insights: Stay at the forefront of astronomical research with access to the latest discoveries and insights from top astronomers worldwide, enriching your knowledge and perspective.


Exclusive Observatory Access: As a pro member of Ace of Space Planetarium, you gain exclusive access to our observatories, equipped with state-of-the-art telescopes for your personal stargazing experiences.